The Suffering 014

Clem's archive page of Torque's hatred

Torque's Hatred is the final boss of the game. It represents all the anger and wrath within Torque himself. Clem cannot describe it, but it resembles a gigantic version of Torque's creature-self wrapped in chains, and have a little bit of each creature within its body. What appears to be a miniature version of Torque can be seen dangling from its body via an umbilicus of sorts. Three appendages on its back shoot fireballs, and a barbed halo on its head can disorient Torque for a short period. It also have a halo of spikes up in its head. Its only vulnerable point is its exposed heart, which in turn can only be hurt by Killjoy's "rebirth" machine.

Archive EntryEdit

"I only briefly saw this enormous creature a single time, near the docks. I cannot even begin to describe him, save for one thing: he seems to be quite literally connected to an inmate, the convicted killer Torque. Incredible as it may sound, this creature appears to have a miniature version of Torque attached to him via a long umbilicus. Beyond that, I can only say that I view him as the most evil of all the creatures, a pure manifestation of fury and hatred."


  • The Spanish version of the game refers to it as The Disciple of Evil
  • The being is first sighted in-game in the bonus chapter Waiting To Die