The Creeper

The Creeper is an evil specter who appears throughout Baltimore in The Suffering: Ties That Bind. He was formerly known as Luther Stickwell, an infamous killer pimp in Baltimore's history. His voice was provided by Scott Bullock.


Reports from Consuela's Archive scrapbook and loading screens tell the story of a pimp named Luther Stickwell, who started murdering his own prostitutes before turning his attention to any female he came across, eventually killing between 50 and 200 women and becoming the basis of an urban legend. The Creeper can be found roaming through dark alleys, or down in the sewer system, in which he appears to Torque surrounded with the dead bodies of seemingly hundreds of women. At various points in the game, the Creeper's quavering voice can be heard recounting his vile exploits, such as how he killed women in the sewers because he liked the damp conditions and elaborating on his misogynistic tendencies and his violent attitudes against women.


Torque first has a vision of The Creeper during the riot in Eastern Correctional at the start of the game; this is where The Creeper's most infamous line is uttered: "Blood is the best lubricant." The Creeper makes several other critical appearances to Torque, which often show him attacking female characters and stalking Foundation leader Jordan. One appearance reveals that The Creeper is also a homophobe, as he can be heard berating and killing a gay inmate in the Eastern prison. The Creeper presents himself in one of Torque's moral situations when he is teamed with Consuela (assuming she is not left behind or killed on sight); when she separates from Torque, The Creeper will attack her. The player can either let The Creeper kill her, or attack Creeper (who will feel betrayed by the act) to save her life.

In the chapter "The Greatest Story Never Told" near the game's end, The Creeper will accompany the slavehunter Copperfield and Torque's "psychologist" Dr. Killjoy to form a tribunal, judging Torque's actions up to that point. Players with an Evil morality status will fight the Creeper in the sub-boss battle, who will explain "I took [the prostitutes] to a warehouse and when the police got there the whole place was already burnt down." After he is defeated, the women will turn their hooks against him and kill him, but strangely, even to Torque, he enjoyed it.

Ironically, if played in a Good morality, it would seem that the Creeper is trying to warn Torque of Jordan's impending treachery, due to his general hatred and distrust of females.


His appearance is of an overweight man, not fully bald, in a large trenchcoat and gloves. His face is oddly doll-like (seemingly a combination of decay and cabaret make-up) and his coat, when opened up, is revealed to be a part of him, bloody and organic as the inside of his skin. Also underneath his coat is the heads and torsos of three scantily-clad women are hidden under his coat, viscerally connected to him by bladed tentacles coming from his bowels, with long blades sticking out of their mouths.

Dialogue Edit

  • "Blood is the best lubricant."
  • "Shut up you little whore!"
  • "I will gut you! And you will beg for it!"
  • "Are you ready to come down? We can be close down here. I'll tell you all my secrets. And I'll want to have a look inside you as well..."
  • “When you’re on the inside, all the rules change. Some are strong, some are weak... I detest weakness. Men should be men and stand firm, be forceful, brutal. Those who ain’t so strong... fuck ‘em. That’s what I always do...”
  • “What do you have in there, Torque? She gonna find out your secrets? You know that’s how these bitches work. They slide up in close and try to suck your life away. Be careful she doesn’t empty you. What’s that little cunt up to, anyway...”
  • "(Doing an impression of a woman) And what are you wearing, big ho? You ready to take it off so I can see? You look good letting it out. You want to know what I’m wearing? Well I’ve just got this coat and if you saw inside… hah hah hah! (regular voice) You’d see my collection of whores! Men may be idiots, but girls are still the true parasite!"
  • "I've seen enough! Who do you think you are? I fucked long and hard and killed a whole lot of conniving whores to get where I am, and I'm not going to let you, some pint-sized serial killer, steal my glory!!" (before Torque fights him in the boss fight in the Evil morality path)
  • " I liked to use the whores who thought they were just doing it until they had enough money to get out. My girls never got out, never!!"

Trivia Edit

  • In battle with The Creeper, if fought long enough, he will reveal the history of his crime, how he died, and the names of the three girls attached to him - Alicia, Alana, and April.
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