The Creature is an apparent beast, or monster, that Torque seemingly becomes during periods of great stress. After prolonged fights with monsters on the isle, Torque appears to have a psychosomatic break and, at least in his own mind, becomes a raging beast. While no other person has reported witnessing the change, Clem has reported seeing the creature itself. Its appearance is described as a large muscular humanoid-like beast with inhuman speed and power, a blade replacing one hand, and extremely long sharp claws replacing the other, along with some sort of animal lower legs resembling a horse or large dog. Other specifics of his appearance tend to be slightly different depending on a number of things.

The more Torque regresses into this state, the more physically powerful he becomes.

The Creature (Carnate Island) Edit

Carnate Torques inner Beast

The Creature's Carnate Appearance

After arriving on Carnate, the inmate, Torque, first transforms into the creature after being attacked by several inmates in the holding area next to the docks. However, he later learns to transform at will after being provoked by the three ghosts of Carnate. From then on, Torque can raise his "insanity" level simply by defeating malefactors. After this level has peaked, Torque is able to transform. While in this form the level of his insanity slowly drops. However, when this level is fully drained, Torque will begin losing health and eventually suffer from another mental break, this time falling to the floor assuming a fetal position while sobbing.

The Creature's AttacksEdit

While Torque is transformed, he attacks in three different ways. He can simply slash in a flurry combination of his two limbs which seems to be a standard attack. Second, he quickly throws himself forward leading with his bladed limb, impaling most any type of enemies in front of him. And his third type he jumps, pounding the ground when he lands sending shock-waves out and damaging nearby malefactors. The more he uses this specific attack, the stronger it gets, adding to it the style of attacks of the enemies he's slain while transformed. This attack seems to have five stages.

Stage 1: A simple shockwave damaging surrounding enemies.

Stage 2: The shockwave accompanied by several Slayer blades emerging from the ground damaging surrounding enemies.

Stage 3: The shockwave accompanied by a small explosion and debris that looks like bullets, similar to the marksmen's attack when one gets to close to them..

Stage 4: The shockwave accompanied by a number of chains like those of the burrowers extending out in all directions damaging surrounding enemies.

Stage 5: The most powerful attack, The Creature pounds the ground resulting in a widespread explosion severely damaging, if not instantly killing, all surrounding malefactors or people in a very wide area. Similar to the Inferna special attack, but much wider and more damaging.

When Torque is in this enraged state, and if he uses these widespread attacks, they do not discriminate between malefactors, enemy COs or inmates, friendly COs or inmates, or even explosives and collectable items that could be damaged (like throwing weapons.) Anyone nearby will be hurt or killed when he uses these attacks.

The Creature (Baltimore) Edit


Though Torques enraged version changed very little, if any, while on Carnate, his "creature" form undergoes a few major differences as he begins to travel through Baltimore. The Creature's appearance depends on the multiple moral choices Torque makes, changing subtly in looks as well as attacks. Additionally, Torques dependence on this side of himself is much more crucial to his survival in Baltimore as opposed to Carnate, requiring its powers in order to eliminate certain malefactors and remove some obstacles which he normally could not.  

The Creature's Appearance (Good Morality)

The Creature (Good Morality)

The Creature's Good Appearance

The Creature obtains a bluish glow & clean-bladed arm, as well as bearing a bit more resemblance to Torque. This manifestation is most likely Torque's most humane transformation, and as such, it shows that Torque is still holding on to his humanity. This version of the creature also walks more naturally and grunts the least when moving and attacking.


The Creature's Appearance (Neutral Morality)

The Creature (Neutral Morality)

The Creature's Neutral Appearance

The Creature looks like a cross between its Good appearance and its Evil Appearance. It bears a strong resemblance to The Creature's Carnate Appearance. It represents a halfway point between Torque's Good and Evil personalities.        

The Creature's Appearance (Evil Morality)

The Creature (Evil Morality) Side View

The Creature's Evil Appearance

The Creature looks nothing like Torque. Instead it looks inhuman, with an insectoid and skinny appearance, seemingly with a complete loss of Torque's former humanity. The blade on its arm is blood-stained & jagged. This creature moves more erratically and grunts the most when moving.      

The Creature's AttacksEdit

The Creature has three sets of attacks. The first attack is where the Creature uses it's blade-like right arm to cut through creatures (Press the Fire Button). The second attack is where the Creature lunges forward, grabs a creature and throws it to the ground, killing it (Press the Grenade Button). The Final Attack depends on your moral choices (Press the Jump Button).

The Creature's Attacks (Good Morality)

The attacks demonstrated by the Baltimore creature once again shows a mix of the Baltimore Malefactors' attributes.

Level 1 - Burrower Chains

The Creature extends two whip-like chains. This only affects enemies directly in front of you

Level 2 - Triggerman Guns

The creature bows and produces several high caliber machine guns, all of which fire as long as the JUMP button is held down. This only affects enemies directly in front of you.

Level 3 - Isolationists Blast

Hold the JUMP button to create a powerful energy field surrounding Torque, and then release the button to send out a devastating shock wave. The power of the shock wave depends on how long the JUMP button is held before releasing it.

Level 4 - Cataclysm

This attack causes massive, continuous damage to all enemies in the area, and ends only after ALL enemies are destroyed. This attack is a temporary ability. A meter will appear to show you. (Like the Health and Insanity meters) To fill it, you must kill in Insanity Mode or perform a Good deed.  

The Creature's Attacks (Neutral Morality)

Special Attack - Ground Pound

The Neutral form has only one special attack. He leaps into the air and slams his fist on the ground, knocking all nearby enemies to the ground. Similar if not identical to the creature from Carnate.

The Creature's Attacks (Evil Morality)

Level 1 - Slayer Blades

The Creature bends low, and produces giant blades in a tight circle all around, damaging anything within range.

Level 2 - Wretches Attack

Wretches (Similar to the ones emanated by the Isolationists) leap out of the creature's back, exploding on contact with the ground or enemies at close to medium range.

Level 3 - Arsonists Blast

Press and hold the JUMP button to build up power, and then release the button to unleash a ring of fire that damages enemies in all directions. The power and range of the attack is determined by how long the JUMP button is held.

Level 4 - Cataclysm

This attack causes massive, continuous damage to all enemies in the area, and ends only after ALL enemies are destroyed. This attack is a temporary ability. A meter will appear to show you. (Like the Health and Insanity meters). To fill it, you must kill in Insanity Mode or perform a Evil deed.

*Note: It's possible (by extreme hacking) to mix attacks from different moralities.

For example, the creature can (good morality) use the Wretches Attack (evil morality) or ground pound (natural morality).

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