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Slayer in The Suffering.

The Slayer is one of the first Malefactors and most common enemies found on the island after the cataclysm. Most slayers can normally be taken down by any inmate or officer trained with a firearm. However, this creature has since found a way to regenerate any damage dealt to it, or even seemingly revive from death, aside from removal of it's head, likely connected to its representation of beheading. The Slayer is remarkably swift and agile, however, and should be taken care of quickly.

The Carnate SlayerEdit

The Slayer is seemingly the representation of death by decapitation. It has long blades for arms and legs, and its head is held apart from its body by apparatus made of flesh and steel. For reasons unknown, slayers have the ability to traverse along walls and ceilings making them often elusive. They are not often the most stealthy of creatures when on the move, their blades causing a signature sound when moving. This causes them to be easily locatable, and commonly ensures they cannot effectively ambush an inmate or C.O., unless they are distracted.

While there are small variations in the appearance of many slayers, there seem to be two distinct forms (aside from the ones that can regenerate). The average and most common slayer has a single blade resembling a rusty machete at the end of each limb (arms and legs). There are some less common ones that stand much taller and have a heftier build along with more complex compound blades. These larger slayers have the ability to block small arms fire with their larger blades and can often take much more damage making them more difficult to kill.


Slayers are fast and athletic, having the ability to crawl on walls and ceilings. The Slayers have many different attacking techniques, including;

  • Slashing at their foe with one or both blades
  • Performing a back flip and attacking using their leg blades
  • Lunging straight forward at their foe whilst spinning, arm blades extended forward
  • Swinging their leg blades at their foe whilst hanging from the ceiling

Archive EntriesEdit

Clem's Entry

"I first witnessed these creatures jumping out of the ground itself. Their heads are detached from their torso, held aloft by hideous contraptions. Their limbs have been replaced by blades of the sharpest steel. To my eyes, they appear to be a manifestation of decapitation, yet it seems improbable that anyone ever had their head cut off in Abbot. I suppose on Carnate anything is possible. I have dubbed these monstrosities Slayers."

Dr. Killjoy's Entry

"This creature moves with the grace of a ballet dancer but kills with the precision of a master swordsman, a most troubling combination. The creature's origins lie with that form of execution popularized by those ingenious French: beheading. Each Slayer seems to have its own unique head, attached by a vile apparatus which evokes something I wish I had created. Indeed, here is a creature whose very existence fills me with jealousy that I did not construct it myself. I admire this work of homicidal craftsmanship."

Jordan's Entry

"This is the most pervasive of all malefactors we've encountered. The Slayer has a basic human body shape, but with blades replacing the legs and arms and a metallic apparatus suspending the head. Given its context, the Slayer's appearance evokes blade wielding street criminals, though this malefactor's blades are longer and sharper than one normally finds on even the most violent Baltimore streets."

The Baltimore SlayerEdit

This Slayer is the embodiment of death by sharp blade-like objects. To this effect, it is first seen at the scene of a robbery at knife point, where it attempts to attack Torque. Slayers in Baltimore are very similar to their appearance in Carnate, albeit with a red tinge. They represent murderers who used blades in their crimes.


Keep moving to avoid the Slayer's attacks. Staying still during a Slayer's onslaught is suicide, so continue moving and shooting with an automatic weapon.

A very handy tactic is to shoot the Slayer's head off. The Slayer will no longer be able to see the player, and will blindly flail it's blades around in a vain, and will be an easy target.

The Slayer is also weak to any form of light. If you see a spotlight, shine it directly onto the Slayer, and it will instantly die.

Encountered:The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Slayer CaptainEdit

Slayer Captain

A Slayer Captain

Slayer Captains are distinguished by their black armour and smokey look. Like all Captains, it can only be killed in Insanity mode.