Shipwreck as seen from under sewer pipe

The Slave shipwreck is a site located on the western end of the north beach of Carnate Island and is the location of a wrecked slave ship.

The ShipEdit

This ship itself is of unknown origin, but was a known slave trade vessel. It is estimated to be over three-hundred years old as wrecked some time in the early 1700s with an intended destination of Norfolk. It was thrown off course and crashed on Carnate Island. Although severely damaged by the wreck and the elements, how well the remains of the craft have survived so long is one of the mysteries of the island.


Main article: FesterEdit

These large humanoid creatures seen since the cataclysm are connected to the ships history. Amateur documentarian and Abbott inmate, Clem, claims that they represent the slave traders. The ship seems to somehow be the source of their nearly limitless numbers.