The Nooseman has only been encountered on Carnate Island.

First Appearance: The Suffering Chapter 6: I can sleep when I'm dead.



The Nooseman (Left)

A torso, hanging by its neck from a long rope. It has lost its lower body, and thus can only attack with its arms. It also appears to have a sack covering its head, either that or very few facial features. As odd as it may sound, the Nooseman's rope may be keeping it "alive", as it's death animation is reminiscent of someone strangling to death on the floor.

The Noosemen represent the COs who were lynched as an act of revenge for inmates they left to die in the mines. The COs were skinned and mutilated, much as the Noosemen are.


Sometimes, if the player happens to look up, they will see a large spot of blood on the ceiling, or even suspended in midair. Noosemen drop from these spots, and only these spots. The player could play through the entire game without so much as encountering a Nooseman just by avoiding walking under these spots.


The Noosemen's only attack is to drop from the aforementioned blood spots and grab Torque. Once they grab the player, they will strangle until they are shaken off by rapid button pressing. After that, they will hang for a few seconds (where they are vulnerable to attack) before returning to the ceiling. The player can avoid this attack by spending as little time as possible under the blood spots. It demonstrates its attack when a CO stands under a pool of blood on the ceiling. It will drop down and strangle the CO. If you shoot the Nooseman before he finishes strangling the CO, he will drop the CO, the CO will then stand, fall to his knees as if hes been shot and die.


After they attack the player, in the period where they are just sitting there, they are vulnerable to attack, but the player's window of opportunity is very small. The player must attack the Nooseman with a weapon before it returns to the ceiling. There is also the rare case where they will drop down and miss the player, but those opportunities are few and far between.

Special NotesEdit

It's not really productive to kill Noosemen, because they can appear infinite times out of the same blood spot. It's best to just avoid them.

Archive EntriesEdit

Clem's Entry

"Not only is this Nooseman dead from being hung by the neck, but he also appears to have had his skin removed. I wonder if these creatures are tied to the legendary story of the inmates who, outraged by the death of fellow workers in a Quarry mining accident, hung and skinned five C.O.s. The Nooseman are more supernatural the many of their brethren, ripping themselves straight out of the ceiling in an entirely impossible manner."

Dr. Killjoy's Entry