Miles playing chess with Torque

Miles is Torque's closest friend and proprietor of "the Underground" a bar in the city. He is one of the only few people Torque talks to. He seems determined to find out the identity of Blackmore and bring him down. He was set up by Blackmore, along with Torque, and sent to Eastern Baltimore Correctional. After Torque's return to Baltimore he tries to meet up with Miles, claiming that he knows how to expose Blackmore. The two eventually meet again within Eastern Baltimore only to see Miles attacked by Copperfield. It later transpires Miles survived the attack, as he is met again inside the prison - however, Torque blacks out and is controlled by Blackmore, resulting in Miles' death.

He was voiced by Arif S. Kinchen.

Dr.Killjoy's Entry

"Physical insecurity. This is Miles' true Achilles' heel, at least mentally speaking. He has overcompensated by becoming the man who has all the answers, always on the inside, aware of every machination going on around him. But to survive in the harsh life to which he was born, Miles must ally himself with someone with a stronger physical presence, and for years that person has been Torque. They have been the closest of friends for more than a decade, Miles able to come up with the plans and Torque able to execute them. They have managed to stay on the right side of the law while struggling to claw their way out of poverty they were both born into. The only time the pair ran afoul of law enforcement was when they fell right into one of Blackmore's schemes; while in Miles' drinking establishment, Torque was tricked into a fight which ended in a man's death, and both Miles and Torque were sent to prison because of it. Miles has sworn that they will not be tricked again, and it's because of that incident that Miles hates Blackmore more than Torque does."