Maulers are a dog-like malefactor seen in The Suffering: Ties That Bind. They are dog like up to their head, which is a human skull with a blade strapped to the side. According to Jordan's notebook, they get their name from the mauling attacks they do on victims. They are mostly seen in the presence of Copperfield the Slave Hunter.


The Maulers are apparently a manifestation of Baltimore's racism, or slavery, just as Copperfield does. They are actually the reincarnation of Copperfield the Slave Hunter's bloodhounds. Copperfield deprived his dogs of food in order to "keep them from being distracted from the hunt", then letting them eat the flesh of whatever slaves they caught.


Maulers appear in the shape of small, furless, blood-covered dogs. Despite the fact that they are a reincarnation of Copperfield's bloodhounds, their bodies are more rottweiler-like, having short legs and stocky bodies. They have hideous human skulls for heads, having blood-covered skin spread just enough to cover all but it's teeth, which are bared at all times. They have pointed, human-like ears, and empty eye sockets that have an angry shape. They have black braces on their legs, and on their heads, as well as several black, leather belts around their torsos. They also have a sharp knife perched on their right temple via a small metal apparatus, like a bayonet. They have an insatiable craving for human flesh. They are also apparently rabid, as they were supposedly rabid when they were alive, as stated by Consuela in her journal.

Telltale SignEdit

Maulers can literally appear out of thin air. However, being dogs in nature, Maulers will frequently bark at Torque before attacking him.


The Maulers can either jump at Torque to bite him, or slash him with the knife attached to their skulls.

How to KillEdit

Maulers are incredibly easy to kill, only taking a few shots before dying.

Special NotesEdit

Maulers rarely (if ever) attack alone; as such, if one Mauler attacks Torque, there are likely more nearby.

Archive EntryEdit

Jordan's Entry

"One of the few malefactors that does not derive from a human skeleton, these beasts do still feature a hideous human skull. Named the Mauler for their savage biting attacks, these malefactors are relentless in their pursuit of a target, and seem to be insatiable in their appetite for human flesh. Their appearence often concides with the manifestation of an apparition, a large human who seems to be their master."