Carnate Marksman Edit

First Appearance: The Suffering Chapter 2, "Descending"


Marksmen are a representation of execution by firing squad, being an incarnation of both the firing squad and their victim.


The Marksman is a huge, muscular creature. They either lumber around, almost dragging their knuckles, or gallop. Their skin is tan and decayed, covered in bullet wounds. It has a bald head, and wears a blood-stained blindfold over its eyes, yet can somehow still see. On its back is a huge, fleshy mass that has four rifles attached to it, and is attached to a rotating turret. They are clothed by green-brown pants, army boots, and fingerless gloves. They also have bayonets protruding from their shoulders.

Baltimore MarksmanEdit


In Baltimore, Marksmen represent Union troops being sent to quell civilian uprisings in 1860s Baltimore. These Malefactors are forced to continue this task.


These Marksmen are near-identical to the Carnate Marksmen. They, however, have red glowing goggles over their eyes. Their pants are now blue, and they have metal bars sprouting from their shoulders. Their bodies also appear to be much gorier, looking like their intestines are partially pouring out

Telltale SignEdit

These guys have no specific sign other than the lumbering sound they make when they move, but due to their size, they are often hard to miss. If you're taking damage, and you don't see the source, make sure that a Marksman isn't sniping you from afar. They will, however, erupt from the ground, attached to a wooden pole, so if they appear in this way, a rumbling will signal their appearance.


Periodically, they will get down on all fours, aim all of their turrets at you, and fire one to five bursts of bullets, or a constant stream like a machine gun. Move quickly out of the way to avoid both attacks. While the damage from said attacks may seem minimal, it really adds up when fighting more than one Marksman, so watch your health bar. They also have a close-range attack, where they are able to make bullet shrapnel burst from the wounds on their bodies.

How to KillEdit

The Marksmen can take a lot of damage. The best way to know when the Marksmen are dead is when it throw it's hands up and finally fall over. Aiming for limbs and shooting or cutting them off will kill them instantly. Killing the Marksmen up close with a melee weapon can be very reliable, but sometimes risky because an attack where it shoots out bullets from its chest at short range.

Special NotesEdit

They will often pop right up out of the ground, tied to wooden posts, representing the way firing squad victims were restrained. This also gives you a small window during which you can shoot them without fear of retaliation.

Archive EntriesEdit

Clem's Entry

"Based on the battery of rifles attached to its back and the blindfold around its head, these Marksmen appear to be the reincarnation of a military firing squad. Abbot was originally a P.O.W. camp during World War II, so it seems likely they would have had executions of that sort. Indeed, there are stories of a rogue Colonel who was to be court martialed but instead took his own life. Perhaps he is connected to these abominations."

Dr. Killjoy's Entry


Jordan's Entry

"This malefactor is nearly identical to ones we saw in large quantities on Carnate Island. It wears a giant battery of rifles on its back, and is able to erupt out of the ground, a particularly impressive sight due to its significant size. In Baltimore's troubled past, there were a few rare occasions of the military being called out to quell civillian uprisings. One can only imagine how this Marksmen ties to those intense events."