The Suffering Wiki

Welcome to the The Suffering Wiki

I adopted this wiki a while ago and have tried to keep an eye on it; undoing vandalism and poor editing; fixing typos, grammar, and spelling; adding info; generally slowly molding it towards being a good wiki. It is far from that, and I don't have a heck of a lot of time. But I am probably the biggest fan of this game that exists, and someone has to do it.

There is a small list of pages below. If you know how to edit a wiki, feel free to add more of the important ones to the list. If you would like to add a page, or edit some old ones, that would be nice too. But, please see note to editors below.

-Dr. Quincy Lancelot Killjoy, M.D., Psy.D.

Notes to would-be editors[]

I am not an RPer. But I would like to see at least the opening of each page, and preferably the entire entry, be written in a style as though the events of the game are real. I believe this is known as an "In universe" style while also keeping the language encyclopedic. It's extremely hard, nigh impossible, to write wiki articles on comics and games without the in-universe style. And seeing as that rarely goes on here at wikia, and I am an all or nothing type of person, I find it best to just go with that style. The obvious exclusions would be the two articles on the two games themselves, but even those could be in an in-universe style if you think of the games as a sort of interactive movie based on the events they tell... or whatever.

In keeping with this in-universe style, one of the hardest things to do is give tips on how to defeat a malefactor. A good example of doing this would be as such:

"Another reliable method of defeating the burrowers is to time their attack, dodge as they emerge, and then throw any explosive device you may be carrying into the hole they just created after they re-submerge."

A bad example of this would be

"Make Torque stand there and wait for one to pop up. Press over to keep him from getting hit, and then aim the screen at the hole it just made and use the throw button to toss an explosive down the hole."

(more to come)