This is a list of all the Good/Evil actions possible in The Suffering: Ties that Bind. Neutrality can be an option if the player chooses to ignore or bypass these moral situations in-game.

Good Morality Edit

This is a list of all Good actions possible throughout the game. Good morality is represented by Torque sporting a clean and healthy appearance, The Creature will resemble a hunched and compacted Torque in a blue tinge, and his family photo in the inventory becoming clean and featuring a clear image of Torque in the background. Each Good deed wil result in Good morality, with certain levels upgrading The Creature's attacks.

Chapter 1 Edit

Shoot Blackmore's thugs when they attempt to coax you into killing the guard. Each kill will count as morality.

Chapter 2 Edit


Chapter 3 Edit


Chapter 4 Edit


Chapter 5 Edit

Kill the two thugs threatening the man knelt beside the hole.

Help Hejirah reach Canal Street Mission. Morality will be obtained when the Gorger that falls on the balcony is killed.

Shoot Copperfield when he threatens the second shopkeeper. The first shopkeeper's death is part of the game and does not affect morality.

Chapter 6 Edit

Help the police officers to kill the triggerman, approach them before to gain morality.

Help Kyle reach the abandoned building to get his drugs. Morality is available next chapter.

Open the door into the room containing the blanket to allow the woman to reach her child. She will not enter unless all Mainliners have been dispatched.

Chapter 7 Edit


Chapter 8 Edit


Chapter 9 Edit

Open the crate to free Consuela, then escort her to the pier. Drop the boat using the switch at the other side of the docks to gain Morality. Note: She will assist you using a Tommy Gun.

If escorting her, save her from the Creeper's attack by shooting him.

Chapter 10 Edit


Chapter 11 Edit

Free the guard trapped behind a wall by smashing the opposite side as The Creature. When he is done talking, you will gain morality.

Agree to escort Warden Elroy. Morality is available later.

Chapter 12 Edit

Keep escorting Elroy. Morality is available next chapter.

Chapter 13 Edit

If Elroy is in tow, kill all creatures in the inmates' cellblock to allow the inmates and Elroy to escape.

Open the cell for the scared inmate in the first cellblock.

If Elroy is not in tow, lock the cell that the inmates enter to protect them from the monsters.

Agree to escort Reilly to the machine shop. Ensure that he is saved from the fire by shooting the extinguisher.

Save the inmate trapped in fire by shooting the extinguisher.

Chapter 14 Edit


Chapter 15 Edit

If playing with Evil morality, escort Jordan to the warehouse where The Horde attacks.

If playing with Evil morality, kill the wounded soldier in the Horde room.

Chapter 16 Edit

Leap into the Drowning Pool to save Cory when Blackmore pushes him.

Chapter 17 Edit


Chapter 18 Edit

When Blackmore mentions he sent Malefactors after Ranse, run back to the derelict building and kill all the Slayers. Approach Ranse to gain morality.