Jordan is the apparent leader of the Foundation who has dedicated her life to studying the Malefactors. Torque's connection to the Malefactors has made him a target of study for her and she spends a considerable amount of time in pursuit of him. She is a cold and calculating woman who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She will even go so far as to sacrifice her own men to fool Torque into thinking she is on his side. If the player completes the game with a good morality, they will fight her in a helicopter. When she exits, she then mans a turret, where she can then be defeated in a normal manner. If the player takes an evil path, then the betrayal by her men will be real, and she will need Torque's protection in a few of instances. Of course Torque can simply kill her and avoid the protection mission entirely. If you do help her though, she will be captured by the Creeper, but will come back unharmed at the end of the second to last level. She will be the one responsible for opening the doors to the orphanage, and fight the Horde that reappears during the final boss fight. If she is still alive at the end of the evil path, a bonus scene plays after the normal evil ending plays, revealing that not only are Jordan and Blackmore are in cahoots, but lovers as well.

She was secondary antagonist of The Suffering: Ties That Bind and voiced by Rachel Griffiths.

Dr.Killjoy's Entry

"There are those who are good and those who are evil. And then there are those who are merely selfish to the point where the distinction becomes irrelevant. Since losing her parents during her formative years, Jordan has been obsessed with power and immortality. She has long since given up caring who might be hurt by her quest. Her research organization, which most know only as "The Foundation," will stop at nothing to gain information about the hideous creatures that have been manifesting themselves in isolated incidents across the globe for years. It is only recently, on Carnate and now in Baltimore, that the creatures are showing up in large numbers. Jordan was wise to see this day coming and to handle it she built up the paramilitary branch of The Foundation to help contain the threat. Jordan dreams that her people will understand the creatures through analytical study and thus harness some power they possess. Pity she does not understand the forces at work here, and Jordan will learn soon enough that this is a power that cannot be acquired. It must be thrust upon you through death, or, in the unique case of Torque, it can be result of the darkest of life stories."

Consuela's Entry

"One day on Carnate, I heard a helicopter land. I went to investigate, and saw an imposing woman emerge from the craft. Researching the helicopter's insignia, I learned of a shadow organization known only as "The Foundation". Dedicated to some sort of paranormal research, I learned of the group's leader Jordan and her fierce determination. From that one time I saw her, I knew she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted."