One Isolationist

Isolationists are malefactors encountered in The Suffering: Ties That Bind.


Isolationists are a representation of those who were left to rot in solitary confinement.


It appears as a large, obese humanoid with discolored yellow skin. It drags its seemingly broken legs behind it on crutches strapped to its forearms. Most of its face, except its lower jaw, is replaced by an iron lock with a keyhole in the center. Their stomachs are hollow, with a barred cage covering the gap. They also appear to have small insectoid limbs sprouting from behind their back and head. One of it's crutches has a tube strapped to it, filled with bullet-like stones that it fires at its opponents.

Telltale SignEdit

The Isolationist moves by using its crutches to drag itself along; this makes a loud, metallic clanking and/or dragging noise that gives away its presence. They may also make noises like electrical surges, or spawn Wretches before you get too close. They tend to appear in dark places, as they hate light, and its electrical surges will cause nearby light fixtures to break.


The Isolationist can use a number of electrically-based attacks against Torque, whether extending in a shockwave or fired like a gun from one of the Isolationist's crutches. It can also release Wretches to seek out and attack Torque (much like the Festering Rats from the previous game). And if Torque gets too close to the Isolationist, it can attack him by swinging its crutches.

How to KillEdit

Isolationists can take a lot of damage before dying; make sure that you have enough ammunition before entering dark places. They may have a metal skull cap, but they can still be killed by way of a headshot.

Special NotesEdit

Isolationists appear far less often than the other monsters, but they are also more difficult to kill. Fights against Isolationists can take a while; keep an eye on your health gauge and ammunition while fighting them.

Archive EntryEdit

Jordan's Entry

"This malefactor thrives in the darkness and tries to make its environment as dark as possible by disabling or destroying light sources. We have not been able to get a good look at the Isolationist, let alone capture one. It appears to have a unique relationship with a cockroach-like malefactor, the Wretch, which it spawns in large numbers. One cannot help but think of inmates locked away in solitary when one glimpses this Isolationist."