Inmates of Abbott Penitentiary. They are the largest group of humans present on Carnate during the cataclysm. Due to being locked up, the majority of prisoners are slaughtered in their cells by the monsters. Most of the inmates will not attack Torque, and a lot of them can become his allies (or at least try to). Notable inmates are listed below. For the most part their fates assume that Torque helps them; though he can choose to kill most of them well before they actually accomplish anything.


Chico and his crew run the drug trade inside the prison. Regardless of how they are met by the player (alone or with Dallas in tow), they attack, either because of a grudge against Dallas or distrust to a stranger (Torque).

Jimmy the Mad BomberEdit

Jimmy is a fellow inmate whose exposure to the monsters and prodigious supply of TNT sticks has left him more than a little wary of anyone or anything that can move, as he assumes he has been drugged somehow and believes that the entire affair is nothing more than a drug-induced hallucination. First heard near the old fort, this psychotic inmate will on more than one occasion toss a lit stick of dynamite at Torque from an unseen location. He finally calms down after trapping himself behind a cave-in, which Torque must free him from. He is killed by Hermes in the lighthouse basement, but not before maneuvering Torque past much of the fighting he would have otherwise had to deal with.

He was voiced by Earl Alexander.


In the beginning of the game, during the riot, some inmates will attack Torque using knives. An early situation involves a guard tied to a chair with several inmates exhorting the player to choose to execute him. However, after a few seconds, a Slayer Captain attacks the group regardless of the player's actions. Five years later, three inmates (named T-Rod, Sammy, and Jerome) ally themselves with Torque out of respect.
The suffering ties that bind Inmates-1-

T-Rod is voiced by James Mathis.