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The Inferna

The Inferna is one of the latest Malefactor and least common enemies found on the Carnate Island. They are rather difficult to kill as they move quickly and have to be evaded just as quickly, making it difficult to sustain an attack on them. Once they have taken a significant amount of damage in their flame form, they are reduced to a pile of ash. If the ashes are not destroyed, they will revive to their flame form and have to be defeated again.

While their flaming and aggressive form is mostly seen in the area around the lighthouse and the roads leading from their to the docks (chapters 18 and 19), signs of their existence can be noted in and around the quarry (Torques path from the prison yards to the asylum). Sounds of little girls giggling, small fiery footsteps, and even a chain-link fence that has been obviously burned through. Some even report glimpsing them in their more human form running away on occasion. The first time they are fully seen they are in their human form and they set a large fire in the the quarry that Torque must put out before proceeding.

Appearance Edit

In human form, an inferna may appear as a seemingly harmless young girl in a white Puritan dress, and sometimes clutching a doll. In their aggressive form, however, they have blackened charred skin and their dress is ragged, black, and burning. Infernas cannot be damaged in their human form. It is possible that they have some sort of protective aura since no source of damage effects them in this form. Bullets even seem to stop short of the target and fall to the ground. However, approaching them usually results in their transformation.

Combat Edit

By moving quickly, encircling their enemies, and leaving dangerous paths of flames on the ground, they are masters at being quite deadly without a lot of offensive action. They only have one actual move that can be considered an attack. They will stop moving, pause briefly, and then send out a flame-front in all directions. However it dissipates after about 6-8 yards.

They are susceptible to seemingly all forms of damage in their flaming and ash forms. However, guns and, to a lesser extent, explosives should primarily be used as melee weapons need proximity to be used. The Tommy gun seems to be the most proficient weapon when aimed well and fired in short to medium bursts. It is best to learn the infernas patterns and engage with caution. An offensively defensive style of battling them is best, retreating slowly while firing. Once their flame form has been damaged enough, they will pause and then fall into a pile of ashes. The pile must be dispersed, which takes more effort than you might think. Several shots are needed from any gun aside from the shotgun. If the ashes are not dispersed, the inferna will reemerge in her flame form completely healed.

[This section needs revision] Edit

Flames that Infernas are going to come out of ALWAYS make a hissing noise that resembles giggling, which is possible to hear even if you aren't close enough to see it. To stop the Inferna from coming out of said fire, just wait until the Inferna makes that really high-pitched scream and just toss a shrapnel grenade into the fire.

Clem's Entry Edit

"From what I have witnessed, this manifestation of evil appears to have two distinct forms. The first, a young girl, Puritan dressed, perhaps 13-years of age. This transforms into an all together more disturbing, flaming creature. Both clutch a small hand made doll. To my mind, there is no doubt that these creatures are tied to the three young girls who made witchcraft accusations in the late 1600s, and lead to the incendiary death of eleven innocents."


  • Three of the creatures appear near the end of the game where they jump off the side of a cliff into the ocean, implying that the three girls responsible for the witch accusations committed suicide shortly after. The Infernas are not encountered after this.