Hermes with Torque

Hermes T. Haight was the former executioner at Abbott State Penitentiary. He was known during his time there for his insistence on using the antiquated gas chamber for a majority of the executions he oversaw, and for how much he enjoyed his job. Since his suicide in the very gas chamber he used, there have been innumerable reports by both a majority of C.O.s and inmates alike claiming to bear witness to his ghost. So many and so similar that it is a general belief that they are true.

Appearance Edit

As a C.O., Hermes wore the standard uniform issued by Abbott. However, since his suicide, he appears floating, half dressed, and seemingly made of a translucent green gas. Most sightings are near the old gas chamber and near grates and open pipes. Since the cataclysm, several claims have been made that he has killed several people, notably with the gas that accompanies him.

From being a former Abbott executioner, he has a mind obsessed with killing and enjoys the satisfaction of terminating human life. To this effect, he reveals that he envies Torque as he never got to "snuff a woman" in his line of work. He also shows disdain if the player is not of an Evil morality at points in the game. In particular, he relishes Carnate's dark history, branding it the perfect place for himself and Torque. Toward the end of the game, he feels he must test Torque's ability to kill and thus confronts him in the base of the lighthouse. Hermes represents the future.

History Edit

The former executioner of the prison, Hermes had been working in Abbott for many decades and expressed great pride and pleasure for his job, until he decided to "take it one step further" and committed suicide in the gas chamber. As a result, his ghost manifests itself through a deadly green gas, which he calls "the colour of life". When alive, he prided himself in rejecting the use of a new, invisible, and relatively painless form of gas for his executions, reasoning that his preferred method of visible, painful and choking gas would not rob the condemned (or himself) of the full experience. He's a particularly cruel and sadistic individual, and seems to encourage Torque into giving in to his dark side. It is also interesting to note that he was the executioner responsible for the death of Horace P. Gauge.

Archive Entry Edit

Since the cataclysm, I have several times saw myself mysteriously surrounded by noxious green fumes. I have fled in each case and I think if I had not, I might not be alive to write this now. When in the gas, I have seen a humanoid who seemed to take great joy in the prospect of my death. Could this be Hermes, Abbott's resident executioner for several decades? If I recall, he took his own life in the gas chamber