Heira muslim by emil63-d5yuob7
"Do you recognise your old neighbour? It's Hejira. Salam alaikom my brother."
― Hejira

A former neighbor of Torque's who meets up with him near his old apartment. Hejirah appears to be a militant Muslim member of a black nationalist group (before parting with Torque he urges him to continue fighting, quoting Malcolm X's By any means necessary saying) and is on his way to meet up with a group of his friends at a special place (a Christian Service named the 'Mission') where they were supposed to meet once the city collapsed. He assists Torque on his path through the city until reaching the Canal Street Mission, where he is shocked to find that none of his friends have arrived (and also ignoring the blood splatter and one or two corpses in the area for some reason). He decides to wait for them and parts ways with Torque.

He is voiced by Keith Fergason.