Festering Rats are malefactors met in The Suffering: Prison is Hell.

First Appearance: Chapter 13: Dancing at the Dawn of the Apocalypse


A swarm of little rats, black covered in blood. Usually there are about 6-8 of them in a swarm.

Telltale SignEdit

Around 90% of the time, you will only fight Festering Rats when they are coming out of Festers. They also squeak like rats do.


They only have one, but it's a doozy. They'll rush at you, the entire swarm at once, and jump at you. In mid-jump, they will explode, which causes a little damage. So what's a little damage, you say? Read "Appearance" again to know that they come at you in swarms. Enough "little damages" can add up to "big damage", which is of course bad. There are three ways to dodge this attack, and they are listed below:

-Run. Stop whatever you're doing, and run away. If you zig-zag, you'll decrease your chances of getting hit. This method is unreliable, because they can home in on you pretty well, and very quickly. Use it as a last resort.

-Jump. Stand still, wait until they get close to you, then jump forward over them. If your timing's right, you'll miss most of them, if not all. This is a pretty reliable method, and should be used unless there is not adequate space to jump, or unless you can...

-Duck. If you are on unlevel ground, get lower. This method works extremely well, because when the Festering Rats get close enough to jump, they will do so and sail right over your head, leaving you perfectly unharmed. Do this whenever possible.

How to Kill ThemEdit

Most of the time, you won't have to worry about this because their own self- destruction will do the job for you. Of course, any gun pointed at the ground and fired rapidly will take care of them, as will bombs if your aim is good enough.

Special NotesEdit

The only place that you fight Festering Rats without their Festering hosts is in the sewer leading out of the North Beach, where they will come out of pipes above. Just watch your head, and take care of them as you would if they were spewing from Festers or just keep running.

Also, at the beginning of Chapter 12 when you leave the Asylum, some Festering Rats will emerge from the burning corpses of Festers in the woodland.

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