Suff 014


Cory is Torque's oldest son, who was born before Torque's incarceration in Eastern State Penitentary. While Torque was doing time in Eastern for a fight in a bar (set up by Blackmore), Cory lived with his pregnant mother Carmen. Out of shame, Carmen refused to let Cory visit his father in jail. Without his father, Cory grew lonely, turning to "rock", a drug supplied to him by Blackmore. He died from falling to his death; however, his killer varies depending on Torque's morality. Also, depending on morality, he is or is not responsible for the drowning of his younger brother Malcolm, perhaps influenced by the drugs given to him.

He appears as a spirit to haunt Torque. Unlike Malcolm, he is more critical of Torque and his actions, and generally resents the way his father treated the family. He resents Torque for not being there due to his frequent jailings and calls him a bad father, partially because he was younger at the time and he had no-one to play with or call a father when he was growing up. In the "Good" path of The Suffering, however, he apologizes, saying "You're not so bad, I guess. I just wish you'd always been there, ya know?"

At the climax of the second game, he is asked by Blackmore whether he wants to throw Malcolm into the drowning pool. This decision is influenced by the player's morality.

In the second game, he was voiced by Keith Anthony. His voice actor for the first game is unknown.