Copperfield the Slave Hunter with Maulers

Copperfield is one of the major recurring evil characters in The Suffering: Ties That Bind. Little information is given regarding his identity, but it is revealed at points in the game that he was a slave catcher from Baltimore's past and, according to him, may have chased Torque’s ancestors ("Who owned your great grandfather? Your great grandmother?"). He also claims to have chased and returned Carmen's ancestors to their owner 5 times. The sixth time, he says, they escaped, but he assumes they died in the swamp ("The sixth time, the swamp must've claimed them, because I never found a trace."). At several points in the game he appears in order to attack other characters, targeting black characters specifically, whilst boasting about his prowess in hunting his 'quarry'. His favored weapon is a long-barreled hunting rifle, which he employs with sniper-like precision and callous brutality. He was voiced by Bob Papenbrook.

How to kill Edit

In Good Morality, Torque will fight Copperfield and his Maulers at the Drowning Pool after dispatching the waves of monsters beforehand. Copperfield typically lets his Maulers fight for him, spawning throughout the room and chasing Torque. Occasionally he appears near Torque to shoot him with his rifle, causing him to crouch. At this moment, he is vulnerable to damage via gunfire, preferably Shotgun or other high-power weapons as he disappears after a shot hits him. After a sufficient amount of damage, he will be defeated as a subsequent cutscene shows.

Fate  Edit

In the chapter "The Greatest Story Never Told", if the player has a morality status of neutral or good, they will fight Copperfield. Copperfield praises Torque's actions if they are benevolent - not because of any shred of goodness in Copperfield's heart, but because he respects Torque's dedication.

Copperfield is usually aided by Maulers. They represent Copperfield’s bloodhounds, which he “trained” by depriving them of food – so they wouldn’t lose track of their victims- and allowing them to feast on the slaves. When he is killed, his bloodhounds will turn against him and devour him.