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Darkest Night, Eternal Blight is the eighth chapter of The Suffering: Prison is Hell.

Gameplay Edit

At the beginning of the level, Torque hears a radio message from Sergei in which he mentions strange events happening at the Asylum and the disappearance of a fellow CO.

After leaving the building from the beginning, Torque will find himself in a cemetery where the voices of the dead will creep into his mind. Later, he will see his wife.

Characters featured Edit

Easter Egg Edit

In a cabin you will find two breakable boxes resting over an explosive one. Break the non-explosive box on your right and you will reveal a phone. Pick it up and you will hear a line from The Birds (1963 film). The explosion triggered by shooting the explosive box will destroy the phone. Birds don't just go around attacking people without no reason

Quotes Edit

  • "You die here, your soul never rests" - unknown soul (Cemetery)