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You've Mistaken Me For Someone Else is the tenth chapter of The Suffering: Prison is Hell.

Description Edit

This chapter leads Torque from the exit of the cave where Oblivion regained ended, leading him to the Asylum.

Outside of a forest, Torque will have a vision with his wife, who is standing in the watchtower over the water.

Searching through the forest, Torque will find rotting bodies with pickable items near them. While approching the bodies, Torque will hear spirits communicating with him, all of them mentioning Dr. Killjoy.

Trivia Edit

  • Similar to the spirits in this chapter are the ones in Chapter 2: Descending, where you can enter cells with decomposed corpses, also with items near them, whose souls you will hear talking when you approch their bodies.
  • One of the spirits' lines ("Dr. Killjoy made the voices in my head go away. Now all I hear is his voice") can be heard on a phone in the secret room from Chapter 17 of The Suffering: Ties That Bind.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Doctor Killjoy put the sharp thing in my head... And I'm so happy now... So happy... So happy..." - unknown male spirit (near the big locked door after you passed it by climbing on the rocks)
  • "The doctor looked inside my head and took the bad out" - unknown female spirit (clearing with table)